TheHighGuild is an Australian and Oceanic PC Video Gaming Guild .
Our members come from Asia , Australia and NZ..

Our Facebook group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehighguildau/
Our Steam group is:        http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheHighGuild
Guild email is:                  thehighguild at  gmail.com

New Upcoming games we are playing

FPS - Battlefield 4 (Nov 2013) , Titanfall , COD Ghost. , Splinter Cell Blacklist

RTS - CC Generals 2 free2play

Sim/Other - Star Citizen , Arma 3 , DayZ Standalone

MMO - Everquest Next , Wild Star ,
Elder Scrolls Online

Latest News

* Arma 3 went retail on Thursday Arma 3 12/Sept/2013. The game is 24 bucks off CJS key site via Russian VPN activtion or more on AU Steam
   We have a clan coop server that is online nightly , usual clan password to access it.

* COD Ghost and Battlefield 4 is available for pre order on Amazon US or AU stores.
   Still waiting on news if they are releasing proper dedicated server software and server browser for COD GHOST

* Premium dlc packs(aka Season Pass)  annouced for Bf4+COD Ghost)

* Splinter Cell Blacklist released on PC (22 Aug 2013)

*Titan fall is now coming out in 2014

* Star Citizen Hanger Annoucement and FAQ up
* Star Citizen Backers will have access to Hanger Application on Friday 30 August 2013
* We have formed a fleet for Star Citizen
* We are going to play Star Citizen

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Program + Driver Links:-

Mumble (opensource voip)
Firefox   (opensource web browser)
7zip  (opensource compression program)
Netmeter (freeware monitor bandwidth)

ATI Video Card Drivers - here
Nvidia Video Card Drivers - here

  Anti Virus software Recommendations

Hijackthis (opensource anti malware Tool)
Microsoft  Microsoft Anti-malware tool
Comodo Software Firewall  (freeware software firewall)
Tungle (play LAN games via online)